Video: My Sister's NEW CAR! by Shmee150

My sister has bought a new car! She’s been driving a Fiesta for the last 8 years but has now upgraded to a brand new Mercedes-Benz C200 Sport Cabriolet in a very elegant specification. I went with her to the collection day at Mercedes to pick it up, what do you think?!

Her new car has the Premium Plus package with an extraordinarily high specification with features like the 360 cameras, self parking ability, Burmester sound system and so much more. During the collection she had a full induction tour with Gautam from Mercedes Brentford (who will also be handing over my AMG GT R in a few months) so a big thanks to him for even showing things I didn’t know before!

One of the most exciting things for me is the excitement my sister had at her new car, especially knowing how hard she worked over the last few years to make it possible. Congratulations to her!

Thanks for watching, Tim


Source by Shmee150