The new TVR Griffith Unveiled. Brought to you by Shmee150

Tim Burton (Shmee150) gives us a great insight into the new TVR Griffith.

Developed in partnership with Gordan Murray Design and Cosworth; it’s powered by a 5.0l V8 with 500PS and weighs just 1250kg with the iStream chassis. Top speed is in excess of 200mph and the sprint to 60mph comes in sub-4

Les Edgar, assures also that this is a new company and therefore reliability will be in a new league.

During the unveiling of the new TVR Griffith, Shmee150 announced that he has ordered a new TVR Griffith.

I have a deposit placed via the lovely folks at Top Cats Racing, due for an early car in early 2019 (or late 2018 if I’m lucky) and honestly, I cannot wait! This is designed as a purist driving machine, it’s an iconic British manufacturer, and I’m very excited for their journey. – Shmee150

British in every way - True to TVR’s DNA and heritage
V8 - Front-engined with manual transmission & rear wheel drive
A two seat coupe/convertible - Breathtaking in appearance and performance.

5.0-liter N/A Cosworth V-8
Manual 6 Speed
480 horsepower, 0-62mph sub-4 seconds, estimated 200 mile-per-hour top speed
Less than £90,000 according to the TVR website.