McLaren 720S Spider, Glass Folding Roof

The McLaren 720S is a truly stunning car, with looks like nothing else on the market. Taking the roof off to create the new McLaren 720S Spider, only adds beauty. This thing is drop-dead gorgeous from every angle, especially from above.

This particular McLaren 720S Spider has been presented extremely well in the stunning green/blue colour (it’s green) with all new ten-spoke wheels.

What’s new with The McLaren 720S Spider

As standard, the folding hard top roof comes in carbon fibre, but this can also be specified in an electrochromic glass, allowing the driver to switch between a clear and opaque finish at the touch of a button. Freaking awesome.

With the release of the Spider, there are two new colours in the standard 720S pallette and a new ten-spoke wheel design (shown here). McLaren Special Operations are always available to personalise your 720S Spider if you have the wonga.

With only a little additional weight, and lots of fettling to accommodate the folding hardtop, the performance of the McLaren 720S Spider is almost identical to that of the Coupe. Great job McLaren.

4-litre twin-turbo V8 engine producing 710bhp, with 568lb ft of torque
0-62mph in 2.9sec, 0-124mph in 7.9sec, a top speed of 212mph with the roof up, and 202mph with the roof down.
1332kg ‘dry’. Up only 49kg over the coupe model.

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