Ken Block’s 9000rpm Escort MK2 Gymkhana Car by Hoonigan today’s episode of Daily Transmission, HHIC Ken Block stops by with his insane gymkhana prepped, 1978 Ford Escort MK2 and proceeds to do what he does best, Kill All Tires.

Special Thanks to: Ken Block @kblock43

This article contains content from: Hoonigan

Spawned in 2011 by DC Shoes Co-Founder Ken Block and 0-60 Magazine Editor-in-Chief Brian Scotto, Hoonigan is a motorsport-lifestyle brand with a penchant for automotive debauchery. The company is dedicated to creating authentic products for the rebellious gear head. Its name, a portmanteau (Look it up, yo!), is the combination of “hooligan” and “hoon,” the Australian term for screwing about in cars. In addition to Block—made famous by his Gymkhana films—the Hoonigan team boasts a roster ranging from world champion drifters to Baja 1000 winners.

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