What’s the Cheapest used Tesla in Toronto?

I’m a big Tesla fan. I’m not a “Tesla fanboy” who will never hear a bad word said about Tesla or Elon Musk, far from it. Mistakes have been made, mistakes have definitely been made, but I still love their products, I love the pressure that they’ve put on the automotive world towards electric powered vehicles and the shake-ups they’re causing.

I test drove a Model S in 2015, for no reason other than I wanted to. Speaking to the specialist in the Tesla store, I didn’t have to wear a suit, lie about how successful my web design business was, or pretend to be interested in buying a car in order to book a test drive. In fact it was the exact opposite. It was the extremely honest conversation along the lines of “I’ll never be able to afford one of these, but I’d just love to be able to drive one” that prompted the specialist to offer a test drive. During the test drive, he explained that they’re allowing anyone to take the car for a drive, not just those interested in buying one. They wanted to use the test drive experience to demonstrate just how good an electric car can be, debunk some of the myths over electric vehicles, their performance, their range and educate the public on the possibilities of EV’s and what the future had in store. It was awesome – I don’t think I’ve had a better educational experience in my 13 years of formal education.

With the test drive solidifying my hankering for a Tesla, a year later I rented a Model S75 for a few days via Turo. Living with the car for a few days, taking a reasonably long road trip and experiencing the associated range anxiety was amazing. The range anxiety wasn’t warranted at all since I knew that distance between superchargers was far less than the car’s range, but I felt it anyway. I found myself checking the remaining range constantly, comparing it to the distance to the next charge point and continuously wondering whether something was either inaccurate or lying to me. It wasn’t, it wasn’t even close. In fact, it was more accurate than I ever could have imagined – certainly more accurate than any fuel gauge in any car I’ve owned, which typically doesn’t move for a few days when full, then as soon as you hit the bottom quarter, the gauge appears to drop at a rate that only be caused by a fuel leak.

Since this 3 day adventure, I’ve regularly checked the prices of Teslas in the hope that one day they’ll drop to a number that is in line with the number in my bank account. It hasn’t happened yet, it hasn’t come close. Today I searched again, and I figured that I’d share my findings with you.

Here goes – what’s the cheapest used Tesla in Toronto?

Buy a Tesla privately and put faith in it’s previous owner(s)

Tesla #1 – Tesla Model S60 2013
71,500 km – $55,000 (Montreal)

Looks like brand new!!! Was used as a second car.

Although not technically in Toronto, this seller who is based in Montreal is advertising in Toronto, stating “possibility of delivery” in their ad. I expect that possibility would be mostly down to the buyer and that the seller is using it as an excuse to advertise within Ontario and grow their audience.

Although out of province, this example is the cheapest Tesla advertised in Toronto and with such low mileage, it could potentially be worth a journey to Montreal in order to check it out.

Autotrader link.

Tesla #2 – 2013 Tesla Model S85
110,500 km – $55,900

2013 Tesla Model S85 with Extended Warranty. Original Owner with Low Mileage & Safety Certification from Tesla.

This is the cheapest Tesla currently for sale in Toronto, and at almost 6 years old with 110,500km on the clock, prices are still pretty high at $55,900.

This example looks stunning, especially in black. It has higher mileage than the Montreal car above, but with a bigger motor, black paintwork, and extended warranty, it’s a more desirable package.

Autotrader link.

Buy a used Tesla from Tesla themselves

Every used Tesla vehicle has passed a 70‑point inspection and comes with either a 4‑year or 80,000 kilometer limited warranty or a 2‑year, up to 160,000 kilometer warranty.

If that’s enough of a reason to shop for a used vehicle direct from Tesla, then here’s your cheapest option.

Tesla #3 – 2015 Model S 85D
37,828 km – $80,800

This Model S receives a full inspection, remaining battery and drive warranty and a four year, 80,000 km pre-owned limited warranty with 24 hour roadside assistance.

This vehicle doesn’t really compare to the two above since it’s 2 years newer, has much less mileage and includes dual motors & all-wheel drive. That said, our mission here is to find the cheapest Tesla options in Toronto, not the cheapest of the same spec, so here we are. If you want to buy directly from Tesla in the Toronto area, this is your cheapest option and it’s not cheap. I’m sure it’s freaking amazing and probably like-new, but it’s not cheap.

Tesla link.

Used Tesla in Toronto Conlusion

If budget is everything, and the cheapest Tesla is the only way of driving a Tesla, then Tesla #2 is my go-to. At almost the same price as the Montreal car, the larger motor & black paint more than make up for the additional 30,000 km on the car. It’s much more desirable and unless you’re going to put crazy km’s on it between now and when you come to sell it, it will still hold a lot of value for years to come.