Cel Shaded 2D Tesla Model S

I’m a huge Tesla fan boy, I love the cars, I love the vision, I love the culture, I love Elon Musk. What is there not to love? Unless you work in fossil fuels, of course… Anyway, politics aside.

This is one of the most unique Tesla’s I’ve ever seen, probably one of the most unique cars I’ve ever seen.

Adding vinyl wraps to cars is all the rage these days. People change the look of their cars over and over by adding and replacing new vinyl wraps on a regular basis. With vinyl and vinyl technologies improving all of the time, along with the skills of these incredible vinyl artists (many of them are), the possibilities of vinyl wraps have sparked the imaginations of car owners around the world. This creation on the other hand worked the opposite way round.

It was the imagination of it’s owner, Burnie Burns of Rooster Teeth, the creator of the Red vs Blue series, that took charge of this creation, and then he turned to to work their magic, using relatively standard vinyl and methods, albeit having to think a bit harder about how to apply these methods to obtain the desired look.

It’s fantastic, it’s awesome, it’s really well done – I don’t think that it’s me though. Saying that, I also don’t think that I truly know what it looks like based on the pictures and video I’ve seen. I wonder whether an in person visit might sway me.

Burnie’s Vlog with a Cartoon Tesla – RT Life

Burnie transforms his Tesla through the magic of cel shading into an incredible vehicle reminiscent of something out of a cartoon or video game.

It's fantastic, it's awesome, it's really well done. I don't think it's me though.