Why BMW M Cars Will Shoot Up in Value – Doug DeMuro

I’m a big Doug DeMuro fan. I like his video format, I like that he’s down to earth, I like that he absolutely loves cars, I like that he isn’t trying too hard (although working really hard) to be somebody or present himself as somebody he’s not.

He’s the guy next door who is overly enthusiastic and excited about automobiles, and I love him.

This is the first video if Doug’s that I’m sharing and it’s a good one. It’ll be a conversation starter for sure, especially in the YouTube comments. Oh how we love YouTube comments.

We’ll be sharing lots more from Doug in future.

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Doug DeMuro is a critically acclaimed writer, in the sense that several Internet commenters have told him that he “writes good.” DeMuro’s work has been featured in a multitude of magazine publications and websites, including, Jalopnik, and The Week. His book, Plays With Cars, has sold nearly 10,000 copies, and his YouTube channel received approximately 6 million views in 2014.

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