The best of Goodwood Revival

Goodwood is always a huge event, and the Goodwood Revival is a great end to the British car season (well, it’s almost the end). Goodwood Revival shows off some of the most incredible vehicles ever to be produced through the ages, a bunch take to the track to show what they’re made of and inevitably one or two of then leave the event with significant repair bills, whether mechanical or cosmetic. This year didn’t disappoint.

GT40 anyone!? @goodwoodrevival #Ford #GT40 #GoodwoodRevival #RevivalStyle #Shmee150

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The first ever new vehicle unveiling at a Goodwood Revival event and it’s a big’un. The new TVR Griffith looks absolutely incredible, stats are promising and the recipe of a 500hp front engined, rear wheel drive, manual gearbox sports car can only lead to good things, right?

Nooooo. This stunning Ferrari 250 GTO hit the tyres while on track and suffered a significant amount of damage. My initial reaction was “Noooo, why would you race that and risk an accident…?” but after my initial emotive outburst, I’m absolutely glad that it’s being raced. Crashed, not so much, but raced, yes. It’s good to keep these cars alive. No matter how incredible they are to look at, they’re built to be driven.

#Ferrari 250 GTO crashes into the tyres at #goodwoodrevival. #historicracing #classiccars

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Stunning GT40 on track at Goodwood Revival

I love me an E-Type Jaguar

Just to mix it up a bit

We have an appreciation for all forms of motorised transpotation, and there were plenty at Goodwood Revival.

I'm still to this day blown away but just how fast & loud these bikes are at full throttle

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